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Cysticlean 60 capsules

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Cysticlean is a clinically backed supplement made with American cranberry extract. American cranberries contain superior anti-adhesive qualities with very high proanthocyanidins (PAC) concentration (240 mg per capsule or sachet).

  • The 240 mg of PAC in Cysticlean® is clinically proven to decrease the adherence of bacteria to the bladder wall -  reducing the opportunity for further urinary health issues.
  • The bacteria is unable to adhere, allowing discharge through urination
  • Clinical trials have proven Cysticlean® 240mg PAC is effective in helping to reduce recurrence with many users experiencing instant relief.

Clinical Trials on Cysticlean®240mg PAC

Women : 2 Studies results :

  • 87 % of participants with Cystitis were free of infection after using Cysticlean® 240mg PAC for 3 months

Women Post-Coital: 1 study results:

  • 92% of participants were free of infection after using Cysticlean®240mg PAC for 6 months

Women & Men : 1 Pilot Study

  • 83% of women and 56% of men with cystitis were infection free after using Cysticlean®240mg PAC

Children : 2 Studies results:

  • 92% of all participants were infection free for one year while taking Cysticlean®240mg PAC continuously

How to take

Take 1 capsule a day with a glass of water or take 1 sachet a day diluted in a glass of water or juice, preferably at night.

Gluten Free
Lactose Free. No added sugars.
There are no known unwanted effects.

It is available in boxes of 30 capsules and 30 sachets.

For Re - Current Urinary Health Issues

  • Continue daily dose – Clinical studies indicate 3-6 months for best results
  • Can be used in conjunction with antibiotics
  • Do not use if taking warfarin

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