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Otosan Nasal Wash

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OTOSAN® Nasal Wash

 Saline solution for daily nasal washes

Otosan® Nasal Wash with hyaluronic acid promotes the cleansing process of the nasal mucosa, removing excessive mucus, allergens and air pollutants. Otosan® Nasal Wash ensures deep cleansing and relief from allergies, colds, sinusitis. It is also useful before and after surgery and to help combat snoring.  Easy and fast to use.



Otosan® Nasal Wash contains 30 sachets of saline solution enriched with sodium bicarbonate and hyaluronic acid (International PATENT pending).

The saline solution with 1.1% concentration passes through the nasal cavities and allows thorough rinsing of the cavity, helping to disintegrate the bacterial biofilm.

Sodium bicarbonate balances the pH of the saline solution between 7 and 9, stimulating mucociliary clearance.

Hyaluronic acid is a polysaccharide with emollient, moisturising and protective properties.


CE Medical Device. Carefully read the instructions for use.


 Please note: new pack designs will be filtering through in the next few weeks so product packaging may differ.

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