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Otosan Nasal Spray

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A fast-acting decongestant, with natural multi-action.

Otosan® Nasal Spray deeply cleanses nasal cavities and assists in reducing congestion. It provides relief for blocked noses, seasonal colds or allergies. It contains sea water from Brittany (2,2% hypertonic solution), plant extracts and organic essential oils. Free from vasoconstrictors.

Otosan Nasal Spray is the alternative to medicinal products, that can be used by everybody, even for prolonged use. 

The multi-action of the Sea water from Brittany combined with organically grown plant extracts and essential oils.

• deeply cleanses the nasal cavities;

• helps reduce congestion;

• provides fast relief

• prevents relapse. 

It is an essential remedy for symptoms of:

seasonal colds or allergies;

sinusitis and nasal congestion;

dry and irritated mucosa.

Ingredients: Hypertonic Sea Water 2,2%, Aloe Vera, Blackcurrant, Mountain Pine, Tea Tree, Lemon Extracts.

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