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Ginger Party

Organic Ginger Spread

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Expand your culinary coolness with this organic, sweet-hot, dreamy ingredient. A super versatile jammy paste made of organic baby ginger and pure cane sugar.
  • A sexy alternative to ho-hum fruit jams and preserves  
  • Easy, creative and ridiculously delicious  
  • Add to apple pie filling, fruit salad, jazz up carrot cake  
  • Swirl into ice cream and cream cheese  
  • Use as a glaze over everything – nuts, carrots, chicken, pork…  
  • Serve with cheese, such as Manchego and Gouda  
  • Organic | GM Free | Gluten Free | Vegan | Kosher  
  • No artificial ingredients  
  • Sustainably farmed ginger  
  • Buy online or ask for Ginger Spread at your favourite local store  
Available format
  • 240 g jar
    • INGREDIENTS: Ginger* (67%), cane sugar*. *Certified organic.  
    • Made in Fiji  
    • Store in a cool, dry place. Refrigeration not required.  
    Nutritional Information     Per 100g    
    Calories     318kj    
    Total Fat     0g    
    Saturated Fat     0g    
    Trans Fat     0g    
    Cholesterol     n/a    
    Sodium     17.6mg    
    Salt     0.04g    
    Carbohydrate     79.4g    
    Dietary Fiber     0.8g    
    Sugars     74.5g    
    Added Sugars     74.4g    
    Protein     0.1g    
    Vitamin D     0mcg    
    Calcium     22.5mg    
    Iron     0.2mg    
    Potassium     103.8mg    
    240g jar

    Feel Healthy, Look Healthy