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Forwarts Wart & Verruca Remover

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Forwarts is an innovative solution for the removal of warts and verruca’s. Forwarts removes warts effectively, easily and in a matter of seconds.

Forwarts uses direct spray technology (direct freezing). This technology uses a device that can spray a very precise dosage of cooling agent directly and continuously onto the wart. It is a more efficient and user friendly treatment.

Forwarts is the first OTC product based on this modern, direct and continuous freezing technique.

This is possible due to its innovative and patented valve system.

• Easy to use /Ready to use

• Fast

• Freezes in 10-15 seconds

• Effective, due to direct continuous spraying  system

• Freezes to –80°C (wind chill temp.)

• From 4 years of age


1 pack

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