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Cherry Stone Pillow - NECK & SHOULDER

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  • Filled with naturally therapeutic Cherry Stones
  • Easily heated in the microwave or cools in the Freezer 
  • Moulds to your body shape
  • BSI Accredited
  • Hand made in Belgium
  • 100% Bio Cotton

The contemporary version of a centuries old Swiss tradition. The pillow is filled with cherry stones and can be easily and quickly heated, for example, in the microwave. It then radiates heavenly warmth for hours. The pillow shapes itself to the body and spreads its heat evenly. It never gets colder than body temperature. 

Place the pillow by your feet in bed, on your stomach to relieve stomach cramps, around your neck if you are feeling stressed.

Also serves as an effective cold compress.

Suitable for:
Painful joints, migraines, hot flushes,  stomach cramps and arthritis sufferers. Comforting at night. 

Size 55cm x 13cm

Feel Healthy, Look Healthy