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Cherry Belly Elephant

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Meet the Cherry Belly’s! 

Transform your soft toy into a comforting warm companion.

The Cherry Belly Elephant is a wonderfully soft, children's friend with a warm heart, filled with cherry stones. The cherry stone cushion cuddly toy is not only a source of well-being, but also lovely to cuddle, ideal for warming up the bed, and a super soft fury friend to get cosy with!

Heat the soft, heart-shaped cushion for a few minutes in the microwave and you have a delightful, warm and cuddly toy. Four hours on end the heat is diffused by its little companion. Cherry Belly is an ideal and safe alternative to hot water bottles and can also be used as a cold compress.  

The cuddly toy can be washed in the washing machine.

A super cuddly toy from the Belgian manufacturer Inatura, highly recommended!

Cherry Stone soft toy pillows for kids

Minimum age: 3 years

Dimensions: 16.5 x16.5 x24 cm

Requires batteries: No

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