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Otosan Balsamic Patch

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OTOSAN® Balsamic Patch

Otosan Balsamic Patch is an easy-to-use solution to relieve symptoms of nasal congestion, in a quick and natural way, thanks to its special mix of essential oils and plant extracts.

Simply apply the patch to your clothes, for example to your pyjamas or to some objects next to you (e.g. bed, pushchair, desk), in order to benefit from its aromatic active vapours, that release a beneficial effect up to 8 hours.

Otosan Balsamic Patch is useful to:

  • soothe cold symptoms 
  • improve the passage of the air through the nostrils
  • reduce snoring at night 

Otosan Balsamic Patch pack includes 7 aromatherapy plasters, packed individually.

Otosan Balsamic Patch contains:

  • Scots Pine essential oil, renowned for its highly aromatic power and for its fluidifying action on mucus;

  • Peppermint essential oil, with cooling and aromatic effect;

  • Eucalyptus essential oil, rich in volatile principles and useful for upper airways;

  • Rosemary essential oils, with a balsamic and purifying action;

  • Sweet orange extract, known in aromatherapy to convey relaxation and encourage a peaceful sleep.

Suitable for adults and children, starting from 2 years of age.
Non-greasy and non-staining.
Do not apply directly to skin.
Do not use during pregnancy.


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